Monday, December 7, 2009

Aerosmith Ableton and Ambition

So it is 9:50 and I am almost an hour late with my post.....
I have an excuse
I've been cheating on my weekly one track release goal with more than one track
And even though I threw out the Flying Lotus RMX yesterday
I was yet again inspired to compose and write
The movie Armageddon (a touching romantic tragedy) has a song on its soundtrack
by Aerosmith called Dont Wanna Miss A Thing
Classic record
This record had a classic intro that for years I was dying to sample
And adequately remix
Well thanks to Ableton Live my wish has been granted
Thus tonight there are two songs to download
The scheduled record is called Warmin Up
which I am..... just......warming ...........up.

Love Out Loud here 
Warmin Up here

Love and Light to All
Marshall " Soulful" Jones

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